About the Halifax County IDA

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) is tasked with improving Halifax County, Virginia through increased employment and economic growth.  In order to best accomplish this mission, the IDA targets industry sectors that are most suited for success in Halifax County - industries whose needs we can meet, and whose deep sense of community fits ours.

Our bywords - Brighter, Bolder, Business – convey who we are, what we do, and those businesses and industries for whom we are a good fit. Halifax has positioned itself well to meet the needs of its current and target industry sectors through 30 years of effective planning and implementation of Land acquisition and management, Labor training and education and Capital incentive programs and offsets.

The IDA attracts and cultivates business and industry through a comprehensive network of partners and community assets. Halifax County has established assets important to existing or prospective businesses that can offset a portion of their capital costs depending on where they are in their business cycle. Click here to learn more about our Assets.

The Industrial Development Authority of Halifax County, established in 1971, is a separately chartered political subdivision of the Commonwealth, allowing us to act with exceptional speed and agility, similar to our most successful businesses. Click here for information on Current Businesses and Success Stories.

We hope that the information in this Halifax IDA website provides you what you need. However, we always enjoy speaking with visitors to our site. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and, even better, come and see us when you can.