Supplying advanced manufacturing and energy efficient solutions to manufacturers.

R&D CAMEE equipmentAn initiative of the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, R&D CAMEE is housed in SVHEC's Innovation Center which is equipped with an advanced machining center, computer labs, multi-use classrooms, research assistant support spaces, eighty seat conference center, a student studio & and prototype space.  View a listing of R&D CAMEE’s hardware & software assets.

R&D CAMEE achieves its outcomes through collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, the manufacturing industry, and developmental partners.

R&D CAMEE's project portfolio includes

  • Utilizing advanced manufacturing principles to develop a cost effective methodology to manufacture the innovative ecoMod Project led by UVA School of Architecture and the School of Engineering;
  • Performing time studies, manufacturing method evaluations, and suspension support components consulting for custom fire truck manufacturing;
  • Green building innovations using Cross Laminated Timbers (CLT’s), an advanced construction technique with a number of significant advantages including thermal efficiency, acoustic protection, seismic strength, low carbon footprint, and a safe living environment.
  • Created the Table Lift, a silently motorized lift with a number of applications in multiple industries, whichallows the user to adjust the height of the table top using two buttons (up & down).
  • Developed new methods for manufacturing an old fashioned table for the International Home Furniture Show, working to make American manufacturing competitive once again through innovative ideas, and by utilizing the most advanced manufacturing techniques available.