Grand Springs Natural Spring Water To Provide Bottled Water To House Food Services In D.C.

Alton's Grand Springs Natural Spring Water has been selected as the sole provider of bottled water for the House of Representatives Food Services in Washington, D. C.  The bottled water supplied to the House is contained in compostable bottles made of corn and replaces water that was in petroleum-based bottles.

Announcement of Grand Springs' selection by House Food Services was made Tuesday morning by Dan Beard, the chief administrative officer of the House.  Beard said the switch to Grand Springs and compostable bottles is part of the on-going effort to make as much of the House Food Services operations as green as possible.  He noted that food service items, such as utensils, plates and sandwich containers are fully compostable and are sent to a commercial compost facility.  Food waste from House Food Services is also composted.  Beard said that Grand Springs was chosen because of its proximity to Washington, D. C., which cuts down on the cost of shipping the water to the nation's Capitol.  He also said the House sells about 100,000 bottles of water each year.

Attending the announcement of Grand Springs' selection were Fifth District Congressman Virgil Goode; William Fitzgerald, chairman of the Halifax County Board of Supervisors; and Dr. Carlyle Ramsey, president of Danville Community College and an Alton native.

"Grand Springs bottles quality water, which has an excellent taste," said Goode, adding, that "Grand Springs is important to the economy of Halifax County, and I hope that the sale of its water by the House will help others to discover the good quality of life that we enjoy in Southside Virginia."

"This is an exciting time for Halifax County and one of its private entrepreneurs who is able to expand his business to service the House of Representatives," said Fitzgerald.  "It's a privilege to attend the announcement of an expansion of an existing local business.  It will continue to enhance the economic development in our county, and I want to thank Congressman Goode for his continuing support for Halifax County."