VIPER Reaches Agreement with FCS COM to Purchase Seven-Post Rig

DANVILLE - The Virginia Institute for Performance Engineering and Research, or VIPER, has entered into contract with FCS COM, Inc. for the purchase of a seven-post rig. A seven-post rig is a sophisticated platform that can accurately simulate the stresses and strains of the road or a racing track on vehicles, but in a controlled, laboratory environment. Using funds granted by the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission, the seven-post rig will be the centerpiece of VIPER’s vehicle testing infrastructure.

VIPER is a multi-faceted research, commercial testing, and educational program stemming from Virginia Tech’s Center for Vehicle Systems and Safety and the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. In addition to Virginia Tech and IALR, other VIPER partners include Virginia International Raceway,Halifax County, and Old Dominion University. Funded through a combination of private, state, and federal sources, VIPER is designed to be a vehicle test facility available to racing teams and the automotive industry as well as researchers and students. VIPER has facilities at VIR and in the IALR complex.

“VIPER is extremely excited about its partnership with FCS COM,” said Dr. Mehdi Ahmadian, director of VIPER. “The new seven-post rig is the cornerstone of VIPER’s test equipment. This FCS COM seven-post rig is unmatched in the world and will make the new facility at Virginia International Raceway an important destination for members of the automotive and motorsports industry.”

Construction of the VIPER facility at VIR, including installation of the seven-post rig, is scheduled for completion in late-summer 2005.

Through its partnership with Virginia Tech, the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research has established four funded research centers in Southside Virginia. Building on regional assets such as motorsports, agriculture, robotics, and polymer processing, IALR research centers are the catalyst for regional economic change.

FCS Control Systems has been developing and marketing advanced electro-mechanical and hydraulic control system solutions for over 25 years. Major customers include BMW, Boeing, DaimlerChrylsler, Lockheed Martin, Ford, Airbus, and General Motors. Acquired by FCS in 2003, FCS COM specializes in the design and delivery of test control products and testing solutions used in product development and production by the automotive, aerospace, appliance, agriculture, military, recreational and off-road vehicle markets throughout North America.
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