VIPER held its grand opening on Friday April 27, 2007 at its new facility at the Virginia Motorsports Technology Park at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in Halifax County, Virginia. VIPER is a collaborative effort between Halifax County, Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University and Virginia International Raceway (VIR).

VIPER has world class potential to become a national center for automotive vehicle performance research, engineering, testing, and evaluation all housed in this new facility in the new Motorsports Technology Park adjoining VIR in Halifax County. The research capabilities and cutting edge testing available at this facility will continue to transform Southern Virginia by drawing a diverse group of motorsport/automotive companies to Halifax County and the region.

Halifax County’s role in the VIPER initiative included initial funding from the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission for the purchase of the 8-post rig owned by the county, hiring of a motorsports consultant to identify assets and opportunities and recommend strategies and marketing plans for enhancing two of Virginia’s greatest racing venues - South Boston Speedway and VIR and the development of collateral materials such as brochures, direct mail pieces, Web Site, and a Trade Show exhibit booth.


The Industrial Development Authority of Halifax County and the Halifax County Board of Supervisors contributed their time and efforts to transform VIPER from a vision to a reality. VIPER will promote the growth of motorsports industry and other racing venues. The VIPER facility will reach out to a variety of markets in the fastest growing and most diverse sports sectors in the world. Together with the existing regional strengths in offering commercial testing and engineering services, research, and developments, VIPER will create a one stop shop experience for clients. This making VIPER internationally competitive as a unique center of automotive vehicle dynamics and performance research.