The Virginia Economic Development Partnership announced on Wednesday August 8, 2007 the acceptance of Hilden America, Inc into the two-year Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) program. Participating firms are chosen based on their dedication to growth through export.

Currently, more than 90 Virginia companies have been accepted to participate in the VALET program. In order for a business to participate, the business must meet several quantitative criteria and complete an application process.
Hilden America delivers long-lasting, ultra luxury linens to the finest hotels and restaurants. The company specializes in long staple, Egyptian cotton bed, table and bath linens, as well as robes and slippers. Hilden has a large warehouse and cut-and-sew operations in the U.S. and India that enables them to quickly deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. Hilden is also a recent graduate of VEDP’s Accessing International Markets (AIM) export development program. The AIM program, launched by VEDP in December 2005 introduces companies across Virginia to new business opportunities. Russell Basch, President and CEO of Hilden stated “the market for luxury hotel linen is significant and growing in the Caribbean, Latin America and South America. VALET’s training, networking and resources will be invaluable to help Hilden solidify its export program. We appreciate the incalculable opportunities VALET will open up for both Hilden America and our local economy.” The VALET program incorporates services from a team of experienced international service providers who assist the VALET companies with their international goals. They provide services such as attorneys, Web designers, bankers, translators, and freight-forwarders all of which contribute essential skills for expansion into international markets. Leslie Parpart, VALET Program Manager welcomes Hilden America into the program and looks forward to working with Hilden’s international team over the course of the next two years to assist the company in exceeding export goals. The VALET program was recognized as a national model in November 2004 by the National Council for Public-Private Partners (NCPPP) for VALET’s innovation in bringing the public and private sectors together to achieve a benefit for the public. The VALET program was the only winner of the 2004 NCPPP Public-Private Partnership Award in the Innovation category. The Virginia Economic Development Partnership, a marketing organization, was created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1995 to encourage, stimulate, and support the development and expansion of the economy of the Commonwealth. The Partnership is a state authority, which is governed by a 21-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor and the Virginia General Assembly. To accomplish its objectives of promoting economic expansion within the Commonwealth, the Partnership focuses its efforts on business recruitment, expansion and international trade. VEDP has offices in Virginia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, Korea and Japan.

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