Halifax Regional Hospital announced on Friday August 10, 2007 it will add two new floors of approximately 15,000 square feet each to the front tower facing Wilborn Avenue. Each floor will house 18 private patient rooms with two additional isolation rooms on each floor. The expansion is a $14 million expansion and renovation project.

Chief Executive Officer Chris Lumsden said the project has four focuses: making sure the patients are treated with compassion and respect; the people-the patients, doctors, visitors and volunteers; technology; and the facility.

Connie Zamora, Director of the Hospital’s Planning and Development said the major goal of the project is to design and create a physical environment that promotes healing for the patients and families.

The President of the Medical Staff, Dr. James Witko stated “our goal is to treat people like you would like to have one of your family members treated.”

Construction will begin in October or November of 2007. Hospital officials plan on the two new floors being opened by fall 2009. Stewart Nelson, the Chief Financial Officer, indicated the project will involve $20 million in new debt for the hospital with tax-exempt public issue bonds with a 30-year term.

Some of the features on the new the floors are a family activity area with an eating area, a children’s play and TV area, computer stations and either an aquarium or terrarium. Additionally, there will six caregiver stations on each hall, instead of one nursing station, so that staff can be closer to patients. The new rooms will contain softer lighting, a flat-screen TV and DVD player, and a large window with a translucent shade and drapes with a black-out lining. The rooms will be the first used for medical-surgical patients. Hospitals with a similar or same design reported an increase in patient satisfaction feedback and employee morale.