The Halifax County Industrial Development Authority received an update on recent progress at Friday’s meeting.

Executive Director Kristy Johnson presented data that showed improvement with local projects, and the ongoing plan to increase employment in Halifax County.

She highlighted the importance of key points including business growth, real estate and infrastructure, regional engagements and partnerships, and organizational sustainability. She added that dashboard will be created as a graphic that will show the county’s metrics year-by-year.

Board member Jeremy Satterfield commended Johnson and operations manager Blair Jeffress for their work and added that the dashboard will be “impactful,” allowing everyone to be aware of the numbers pertaining to the economy.

“We collaborate with many partners in many ways,” Johnson said. “We work to grow the economy by supporting and retaining businesses as our greatest emphasis.”

In her presentation, data revealed that 334 new jobs were created this year alone.

Going forward, the IDA wishes to “formally” and “intentionally” meet with organizations involved in workforce and talent efforts to share intelligence on trends uncovered by business recruitment efforts.

Also, providing links on the IDA website to online resource guides, entrepreneurs and small business were listed as other ways to continue this trend.

Board member Nettie Simon-Owens showed her appreciation of local media.

“Our messages wouldn’t get out without them,” she said.

The IDA wants to continue using social media as a tool for “positive news” and to communicate the importance of return on investment.

Amongst the other topics mentioned, the board announced they will be making plans for their upcoming meetings.

The next meeting will take place at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 18.

From The Gazette Virginian