Halifax Regional Hospital is currently undergoing an expansion that will add a two new floors with a total of 40 patient rooms (20 rooms on each new floor). One of the major benefits to patients and their families is that all of the new rooms will be private rooms.

HRH is following a Planetree model for the project; the goal of the Planetree initiative is to personalize, humanize and demystify healthcare.

The two new floors will have family rooms that are designed as a space for family to be together and will include work spaces for adults, a children’s area, and a place to relax. Work stations for the medical staff will maximize work flow and hallways will be more spacious. The patient rooms will include sleeping space for family, views of the outdoors through windows that will allow for plenty of natural light, and a general atmosphere that will help promote warmth and healing.

These are just some of the great things that will help create a healing environment for HRH's patients and their families, as well as creating a beneficial work environment for our staff.

Work on the project is moving along well and hospital officials expect the new floors to be open by fall 2009.

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