Hitachi ABB has transitioned to Hitachi Energy. Hitachi Energy Logo

The South Boston transformer factory currently has 380 employees, and in the next six to eight months, they plan to hire an additional 100 individuals to supplement a range of functions including manufacturing associates, test technicians and welders.

Along with the companies name change is an effort to renew their purpose of “advancing a sustainable energy future for all.”

“This evolution highlights the breadth of opportunities where we can contribute our competence, expertise, and solutions - in areas like sustainable mobility (such as EVs and electric trains), and renewable energy, such as offshore wind power — that need innovative solutions to reduce carbon footprint, increase resilience, safety and security and which support the acceleration towards a sustainable energy future,” said Kurt Steinert, external communications manager for Hitachi Energy.

The local business produces liquid-filled and power transformers for power grids and traction transformers for trains.

Steinert pointed out that the South Boston facility has already transitioned to clean energy through the purchase of energy requisitions.

“This means that the site can claim 100% fossil-free purchased electricity. More efforts will come in the future regarding other clean energy processes,” he added.

Japan tech conglomerate Hitachi, Ltd. announced in 2018 its plan to acquire the power grids business from Switzerland-based tech conglomerate ABB Ltd. with plans to close on the $11 billion deal in the first half of 2020.

From The Gazzette Virginia